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I believe that "encryption at rest" means that the files are encrypted when stored on the server. But they should be transparently decrypted by your server, when you download them (no matter what client are you using). Isn't that the same?


hi All,

We also have a requirement of decrypting file when downloading from linux servr to local.

So we are creating an encrypted file at our linux server on daily basis.
User now can manually download the file anytime. But when the user downlod those file it should be decrypted . Any possible solution please?

thank you for your time

OK, so as I commented above. You cannot use WinSCP to decrypt the files.

That information is from the Host server's application User Guide (GoAnyWhere MFT)

Where does your quote come from? WinSCP cannot decrypt file encrypted with an arbitrary encryption your server happens to use.

Below is the information within the application documentation.

• Encrypted folders for protecting files at rest using AES 256-bit encryption

Re: download encrypted from from another server

Can you please elaborate on the "remote server's file encryption key". What kind of file encryption is that?

download encrypted from from another server

I have a batch file that downloads a file from another server. My question pertains to how to include the remote server's file encryption key into my batch file command line, so that when WinSCP completes the download the file will be de-decrypted.