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How to do it

Right click -> open system menu -> your done


ikr i really want to open something with winrar and this looks complecated but i think u can open it using putty

Re: "Open With..." option when right-clicking a file

You can configure as many external editors as you like. Please read documentation.

"Open With..." option when right-clicking a file

It would have been nice to have an "Open With..." option from the menu coming up when right-clicking a file. Like in Windows Explorer. Normally I like to open my files with Notepad, just to view them. But when I'm into more heavy edit stuff of different html- and php-files, I like to open the files in e.g. HTMLKit.

To be able to choose editor/viewer from an Open With... option would since be nice. Maybe in release 4.0.1?

Regards, Mårten Berglund, Sweden.