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Re: How to run a php file in winscp?

@ALIRAZA: You probably need to ssh to the server and execute the script from the terminal. You can do that from WinSCP:
Though using a dedicated SSH terminal client is usually better.
I'm sure the Moodle installation instructions cover that.
If you need more details, please contact Moodle support. You will hardly get more specific advice here.

How to run a php file in winscp?

I have installed a moodle, and access it through WinSCP. I need to execute a command or need to run a file, It's not running on the web interface, "Command line scripts can not be executed from the web interface",
please guide me on how I can execute a file.
file name is:

Re: WinSCP cronjob

Thank you so much for your responses, I truly appreciate your help

Re: WinSCP cronjob

There's nothing like "WinSCP server". If you mean the SFTP/FTP/whatever server that you connect to with WinSCP, then you are on a wrong track here.
That's a question about your server's system. We do not know what that is. And it's not a WinSCP question anyway. If it is some common Linux system, then indeed, you use the "cron". If you have problems, please ask at a appropriate site, like

Re: WinSCP cronjob

Actually, in my case, I am using Windows 10 and WinSCP as my work server, i need to create email that can be send monthly in web system in the WinSCP server.

Re: WinSCP cronjob

@emma: What do you want to achieve? My post above means, that if you want to schedule WinSCP to do something regularly, you should use Windows Scheduler. There's no "cronjob" in Windows.

WinSCP cronjob

So we just used scheduler task instead of cronjob? i am sorry i don't really understand.

About cron job


I want to ask where can I find "cron job" in WinSCP?
How can I set it?

Thanks alot