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Re: time change causes old files to upload to opened connections

Thanks for your report.

I have added this issue to the tracker:

I'm sorry for the troubles this has caused you.

time change causes old files to upload to opened connections

hello, this is a 3rd year happening this to me - when i got sftp connections to my clients opened during the time change at night and php files opened in my notepad++, old versions of files are uploaded automatically to the servers via the opened connections, causing huge consistency issue on the backend servers.

i really like that winscp uploads the files automatically to the server after saving a file in any editor (notepad++) but it is not working with the time change - it uploads random/old files to remote servers, which is a nasty bug. This happened this year on 28th March 2021 during the night at the morning.

I believe the proper fix to this is to monitor file changes against "UTC" time and not against local time - but this is just my guess, but since it uploaded a few days old files, there could be more to this.

SK: Pocas zmeny casu 28.3.2021 rano - winscp rovnako ako minule roky pocas zmeny casu nahral spatne subory (niekolko dni stare verzie) na servre kt. mali otvorene spojenie (sftp) a otvorene subory cez editor. Z dovodu logovania prace si stare subory (temp files) nedavam mazat.

win10 + latest winscp x64

best regards, stan