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Thanks a lot for supporting WinSCP development by buying WinSCP from the Microsoft Store!
Keith Weisshar

I only purchased the official version of WinSCP from the Microsoft Store.

Re: WinFTP Pro by NewEdge Software found in Microsoft Store

Thanks for your report. We are aware of that. WinSCP is an open source software and its source code is available for free, e.g., on GitHub

WE EXPLICITLY CANNOT RECOMMEND TO USE WINFTP PRO. There is no affiliation with WinSCP team, WinFTP Pro code is not public, we do not know what code version it is based on, what modifications have been done, what security flaws the software may potentially contain (or not). Also there is no contribution from NewEdge Software to WinSCP.

It indeed looks like it is a NewEdge Software business model to "take open source software and sell it" (see their other software in the store).

The first version they have released some time ago clearly violated some copyrights. We asked Microsoft then to take it down based on those violations. But recently they have released a new version that "resolved" the reported problems.

We will consider to report the actual WinFTP Pro version, however for now we prefer to spend our limited resources to make WinSCP better, instead of spending them on this issue.
Keith Weisshar

WinFTP Pro by NewEdge Software found in Microsoft Store

There is WinFTP Pro by NewEdge Software found in Microsoft Store but the screenshots looks like it's stolen from WinSCP which is also available on Microsoft Store for the same price of $9.99. Can you contact NewEdge Software to have it taken down? That's not an official version of WinSCP by Martin Prikryl.