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The error was occurring because I had double quotes around paths that didn't need them.

Cant exclude 1 path


I am trying to write a script that has a lot of excluded directories and there is one that will not be excluded no matter what I do. The code is pasted below.

The directory that I am trying to exclude is \Archive and it seems that everything else I am excluding is not transferring except for this directory. I believe my code is correct and I don't understand why the directory keeps transferring.
@echo off
"C:\Users\dean.price\AppData\Local\Programs\WinSCP\" ^
  /log="C:\Users\dean.price\Desktop\WinSCPLogs\WinSCP.log" /ini=nul ^
  /command ^
    "open ftp://SwissMadisonFTP:Madison19!" ^
    "synchronize -filemask=*>0|*.db;*.max;*.3ds;*.tiff;*.TIFF;*.fbx;*.tif;*.TIF;*.zip;/""*\Musicals""/""*\Archive""/;""*\Arhive""/;""*\3D Models""/;""*\3D Model""/;""*\_Fake News""/""*\_Swatches""/;""*\Vanitiy top sinks from Mijic""/;""*\_Factory""/;""*\Old""/;""*\OLD""/;""*\old""/;""*\High Res""/;""*\_barcodes""/;""*\_old pictures""/;""*\_Generic FS""/;""*\Canceled""/;""*\_Royo""/;""*\_Meiao""/;""*\_Archive""/;""*\_Sink Renders""/;""*\_Generic Measurements""/;""*\_Generic Measurement""/;""*\_Meiao Images""/;""*\_CANCELED""/;"*\Barcode"/;""*\Barcodes""/;""*\_On Hold""/;""*\_Meaio Sinks""/;""N:\Product Development\PRODUCT INFO\Product Content\_A+""/;""N:\Product Development\PRODUCT INFO\Product Content\_Room""/;""N:\Product Development\PRODUCT INFO\Product Content\_Shopify""/;""N:\Product Development\PRODUCT INFO\Product Content\_Social""/;""N:\Product Development\PRODUCT INFO\Product Content\_Test Shoots""/;""N:\Product Development\PRODUCT INFO\Product Content\22 Item test For Data Team""/;""N:\Product Development\PRODUCT INFO\Product Content\Parts""/;""N:\Product Development\PRODUCT INFO\Product Content\Shower Panels""/ remote ""N:\Product Development\PRODUCT INFO\Product Content\Bathtubs""  /""Direct Link (Assets)/Product Images/Bathtubs""" "exit"
if %WINSCP_RESULT% equ 0 (
  echo Success
) else (
  echo Error