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"Tools" difficult to find, if many sessions open

Hi Martin,

I had about 10 sessions open and was not thinking of going to open "New Session", where the "Tools" tab is. So I was a bit lost, but finally found it. I made a note where to find it next time exporting my settings.

Thanks, have a great day


Re: Export settings / "Tools" missing in menu

Thanks for your feedback. How did you know you should look for "Tools"?
If you read it in the documentation, it states that you should look at the Login dialog:
Though indeed, we might want to move it elsewhere. The current location is historical, from times, when the Login dialog popped up even before the main window. What is no longer true.

OMG found it


I found it, it's just very very hard to find:

only available in the > "New Session" window !

I could imagine to have it also in the main menu...



Export settings / "Tools" missing in menu

Eventually I want to export my settings to import it to another computer,

but I can't find "Tools" in the menu, I have "Toolbars" but not "Tools". Very weird.

OS Windows 7

Thank you for your help