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Re: WinSCP dll SshPrivateKeyPath

The host key is not used for authentication.

Don't you have your key loaded to Pageant?

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WinSCP dll SshPrivateKeyPath

I'm trying to configure my application to use Host client PPK authentication so;
1. The host checks that it can find a matching host public key (fingerprint) on the client and
2. The client has generated a Private/Public key pair and placed it's public key onto the host.
I've supplied the path of the private client ppk file to the SshPrivateKeyPath attribute.
Here's my code;
lvoSessionOptions           = NEW WinSCP.SessionOptions().

lvoTransferOptions          = NEW WinSCP.TransferOptions().
lvoRemoteFileInfoCollection = NEW WinSCP.RemoteFileInfoCollection().
lvoTransferOptions:TransferMode = TransferMode:BINARY.

  lvoSessionOptions:HostName              = SFTP_Host
  lvoSessionOptions:UserName              = lvcUsername
  lvoSessionOptions:Protocol              = Protocol:Sftp
  lvoSessionOptions:PortNumber            = SFTP_Port.
  /* If password is provided, uses standard user/pwd auth else uses PPK */
  IF lvcPassword NE "" THEN
    lvoSessionOptions:Password = lvcPassword.
  /* The path to the clients local private pk file (ppk) - from which the public key is sent to the host */
  IF SFTP_ClientPrivateKeyFile NE "" THEN
    lvoSessionOptions:SshPrivateKeyPath = SFTP_ClientPrivateKeyFile.     
  /* the host SFTP server's "fingerprint" */
  lvoSessionOptions:SshHostKeyFingerprint = SFTP_HostPublicKey.
  /* If the client's local Private/Public key pair is encrypted we'll need this */
  IF SFTP_ClientPrivateKeyPassword NE "" THEN
    lvoSessionOptions:PrivateKeyPassphrase  = SFTP_ClientPrivateKeyPassword.
SFTPClient = NEW WinSCP.Session().

The issue seems to be that no notice is paid by the SFTP server of the Clients private key location, it can be anything or blank, but the client still connects via the Hosts public key fingerprint matching that of the clients.
I'm using the Bitvise SFTP server.
Have I made a mistake in the code or in the configuration of the server?
Does WinSCP perform both client and host public key comparisons?