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Nguyen Duc Tien

Copy multi files from a list to Linux Server

In my case, I'd like to copy files in a list to an SSH server. So I guess you want something like that. This is my batch file and it run well.
set WINSCP=D:\Softwares\
set REMOTE_FOLDER=/home/tiennd/MycelScrapy/
set scrapy.cfg
@echo off & setlocal
setlocal EnableDelayedExpansion
set winscp_commands=
(for %%f in (%SRC_LIST%) do (
   set winscp_commands=!winscp_commands! "put %%f %REMOTE_FOLDER%"

Posting multiple commands in

I have to write a script that is for a 32-bit machine to perform SFTP. I need to be able to process multiple commands as different point in the script. In short...
1) Connect to SFTP server
2) Pull a file of available files
3) Parse the list and for each file...
a. Upload the file
b. Perform a process for each file

I am pulling the list using the ls command in strArg..

...but when I try to write any subsequent command, I get an error citing "Cannot write to a closed TextWriter". Without the Close() command, the process hangs. How do I invoke the ls without closing the TextWriter?

Thank you