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Re: How do you install winscp on azure function app?

The quote is from from the article you link to.

The article you link to says:
just add WinSCP NuGet package to your Azure Functions project in Visual Studio

And then you use Visual Studio to publish your Function (including the assembly) on the Azure.

How do you install winscp on azure function app?


WinSCP .NET assembly is available as NuGet package with the same name.

The NuGet package includes the assembly itself and the required WinSCP executable. When installed, it adds the assembly as reference to your project and sets up WinSCP executable to be copied to project output directory, so that it can be found on run-time.

No other setup is needed, so you can start coding straight away after installation.

The NuGet package supports both Packages.config and PackageReference in project file package management formats.

My question is really how do you get the NuGet package to run on this storage – it doesn't have a GUI. I have tried the command Install-Package WinSCP -Version 5.17.10 through the console but it errors out saying Install-Package is unrecognized.

Any help with this would be appreciated