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Thank you – I found it. I didn't realise it had the name of the website – I was looking for a file called S.log :-P

Re: Where is the log file ?

The %TEMP% usually resolves to C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Temp\. But you can actually paste %TEMP% to Windows File Explorer address bar to get there. The !S resolves to your session name.

Where is the log file ?

Hi Martin
I need to check the list of files which I uploaded earlier today. I was synchronising a very large folders after changing over 300 text files, and after it displayed and I clicked ok, I noticed one on the list of 238 Kb, but it disappeared before I could see the name of the file.
I see that the log is set to be saved as %TEMP%\!S.log but where is that ? I have looked all through all kinds of folders on my pc but cannot find it.
best wishes