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Re: Error listing directory

Setting it to /public_html/folder/ worked. Thank you very much!

Re: Error listing directory

This is something you should discuss with your provider. I can only guess that your FTP account is chrooted (contrary to the SFTP), so the path might be only /public_html/folder/, or maybe only /folder/. Login with WinSCP GUI and see for yourself, what paths are used on the FTP account.

Error listing directory

I have been using automated scripting using SFTP to my server for the last couple of years. My host has advised me to use FTP now. But when I change to FTP I get the following errors:
Error listing directory '/home/name/public_html/folder
Could not retrieve directory listing
Can't change directory to /home/name/public_html/folder No such file or directory.

My bat file:
:Loop /script=script.txt
timeout 900
goto :Loop

My script file:
synchronize remote "C:\Users\Me\Desktop\folder\" "/home/name/public_html/folder/"

Hoping someone can help with this. Thanks.