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Thank you. According to your method, this problem has been solved.

Re: Compatible with PuTTY in Windows Store

How compatible? I cannot make WinSCP be able to access inaccessible files. Ask them to make their PuTTY package register an alias (the way WinSCP Store package registers winscp.exe alias). You can then use the alias in WinSCP settings.

Though I've found another (and free) PuTTY package in the Store:
It does register putty.exe alias, which you can use in WinSCP.

Edit 2022: Btw, there's now official PuTTY package in the Store:
It is actually a regular MSI installation to C:\Program Files\PuTTY. So there should be no problem with it.

Compatible with PuTTY in Windows Store

Compatible with PuTTY in Windows Store.
As the title says, because of the limitations of the tablet, I can only install apps in the Windows Store, so I purchased WinSCP, but it is not compatible with PuTTY (from in the Windows Store.<invalid hyperlink removed by admin>
To this end, I tried the following:

  1. Find the PuTTY path and enter it. But the prompt does not have permission to open.
  2. Enter:
    explorer!`explorer.exe shell:AppsFolder\42109FactoriaDatacenter.PuTTYReUnofficial_zaf1c6h4vqsbt!!PuTTY`

    it can be opened, but session parameters cannot be passed.
  3. According to the Windows development guide, it seems that PuTTY is needed to handle a URL, but I can't do it.

Can it be solved?