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I gave a try to your alpha 6.0 release this evening. If fixes the problem i have. Well done. Bug bounty is on its way to you. Thanks.

In a private mail, can you give me the roadmap to expect this fix to be in some soon official release?

Best regards

Re: Which best practice to open winscp from protocol URL address ?

I'm sending you an email with a development version of WinSCP to the address you have used to register on this forum.

Re: Which best practice to open winscp from protocol URL address ?

Thanks for your report.

I have added this bug to the tracker:

I'll contact you once I have anything to test.

Which best practice to open winscp from protocol URL address ?


First, thanks for WinSCP. It is a great tool.

In this bug report, I use WinSCP 5.18.5 RC in Explorer mode, fresh new, under Windows 10, with Firefox 78.11.0 ESR.

I recently wanted to use it for a new need: I am building some web tool which generates several files. For some input, my HTML code will be:
<a href='winscp-s'>...</a>

If I click on this link from Firefox, it works: WinSCP in Explorer mode will open from the only one configuration it knows and which is for (it sets the user name, the ppk3 key) and only prompts for the passphrase. OK, great. Then I keep on working with my tool which now gives me another href:
<a href='winscp-s'>...</a>

At this time, WinSCP is still open on /dir1/dir2/ or on another part of the file tree I went to. So I now click on the second href: the login window appears but it prompts for a user name, it knows nothing from the PPK to use. If I uncheck "Open new externally initiated sessions in existing window", a new window will open and does know about the user name, the ppk to use and prompts for the passphrase.

I don't know if this is some bug, some mistake i do, my misunderstanding of the documentation. I would prefer to stick with only one window and more precisely with only one session (only one tab). I could accomodate if opening a new link does open a new tab. But i would prefer only one tab at all.

So what is the best practice to configure winscp to only use one session when initiated externally from a protocol URL address in a web browser, please?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Best regards, Thierry.