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Thank you

I did figure it out this morning before going to this page.. Thank you for your reply and it is now working.. now the next few things :)

be safe and thank you again

Re: Batch Issues

@SqlGuy77: Please start your own thread, as your problem seems unrelated. Make sure you give us way more details, including your code.

Re: Trouble with BAT files not working

If you want to execute further commands like put automatically, add them to your commandline, like this:
"C:\Program Files (x86)\WinSCP\" /command "open ..." "put ..." "exit"

Also, WinSCP GUI can generate the command-line for you:

SQLGUY77 thank for your replay. I'm sorry I did not explain this well. In VB6 I wrote FTP that works but, not on all machines. (I'm self taught on VB6. But at 70 I don't want to learn .NET) I've been writing some VBScripts but I can get any of the winSCP to work yet. I can sign into the server for FTP and log's in ok, but after log-in the prompt winSCP>. Now i have to paste on the DOS screen, my from path and to path hit enter and it work each time very quickly. I know how to create scheduled task but if the bat file will not work without me pasting the path's I'm back to the drawing board.. I do love this inter-phase and will use it for other thing. For now I need it to work with my from and to paths with out any one adding it.. I hope this is a better explanation. Thanks for any help you can give or a better code sample . (I did try to write this in VB.NET and also VBScripts)

Batch Issues

I am having the same issues, before the update I had a batch file running to automate synchronization of the FTP server to a local drive, but now after the update batch files no longer work. It is saying commands like open, synchronize local are "not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program, or batch file."

Trouble with BAT files not working

My code will work if I paste or type the put line of code. I need to have this automated as a weekly transfer of a zip file.
Attachments log file, and screen print