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I figured it out....trailing tabs/spaces
Batch script started working fine when I removed the trailing tab spaces.

Script stuck on Nothing to synchronize

My script contains several synchronization statements:
"c:\program files (8x6)\winscp\" ^
/command ^
"open %connectionString% -hostkey=* -rawsettings FSProtocol=2" ^
"synchronize remote %Source1% %Destination1% -filemask=""*|*/""" ^
"synchronize remote %Source2% %Destination2% -filemask=""*|*/""" ^
"synchronize remote %Source3% %Destination3% -filemask=""*|*/""" ^
"synchronize remote %Source4% %Destination4% -filemask=""*|*/""" ^

If check for synchronization is successful in the first file source + destination the script says "Nothing to synchronize" and is stuck at the winscp> command prompt. It doesn't move forward to the rest of the synchronization statements.
Can someone please help? I've scoured this forums but not found a satisfactory answer.