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you are right...

Yes I think problem with openssh from windows.
Because GUI/CLI WinSCP work good.
Sorry for my subj

Re: Problem with ChrootDirectory

This does not look like a WinSCP issue. Or is it? Does WinSCP fail, where other SFTP clients work?

Problem with ChrootDirectory

I have WinSRV2019(without DC role)+OpenSSH and client Win10x64+WinSCP5.17
C:\ProgramData\ssh\sshd_config on server
Subsystem   sftp   sftp-server.exe

Match User avtomat
   ForceCommand internal-sftp
   ChrootDirectory C:\AVTOMAT
Client will use batch-file script to sync directories from remote C:\AVTOMAT\SOFT using relative path /SOFT. All work GOOD
WinSRV2019(without DC role)=>WinSRV2019(WITH DC role)
Sync directories NOT work with relative path /SOFT
But all work GOOD if I use in script full path C:/AVTOMAT/SOFT
WTF with ChrootDirectory C:\AVTOMAT?