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The Bitvise log shows that you are connecting to, while in WinSCP you are connecting to I understand that the is likely a fake IP number. But what about the port number?

Hi All,

I have added the Bitvise log as requested

Bitvise sftpc has -flowDebugFile= commandline switch for verbose logging.

So the working server uses WINSCP 4.3.4

The new server uses the much newer version of WINSCP, but quite a few of our connections to external servers will not work with the new version.

We use Bitvise SSH Client on the new server also, and these profiles in WINSCP that arent working, we set them up in Bitvise and they work in Bitvise.

By the looks of it Bitvise, doesnt have its own logging, it seems to put any events in Event viewer.

But I cant see any entries so far

Re: Guidance Required Please - Can connect to Remote Server on WINSCP 4.3.4 but not on WINSCP 5.17.6

The log from 4.3.4 is from the old or the new machine? Can you also post a verbose log file from the "different SFTP Software"?

Guidance Required Please - Can connect to Remote Server on WINSCP 4.3.4 but not on WINSCP 5.17.6

Hi All,

We have been connecting to a remote server via WinSCP 4.3.4 for many years to collect reports.

We built a new server to make the same connection but it is using WinSCP 5.17.6 and will not make a connection the new server at all.
It is not Firewall rules, as we can connect to the server via a different SFTP Client with no issues.

We have experienced this a few times between the old server and the new server, but we just worked around the issue by using the different SFTP Software.

But it's time to investigate why the old version works but the new version doesn't.

I have attached logs for the old working version and the new not working version

Looking for some guidance if at all possible please