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@RickyShade: Thanks for your feedback.

Yeah, I think this has been fixed in the latest build as it hasn't happened yet. Though it did take a while of using WinSCP before I noticed it last time, but so far so good.

@Nubzior: There was no change on WinSCP side. There was change on Microsoft side. So why do you think it's a problem of WinSCP? It seems that Microsoft broke something.

Also afaik, Total Commander does not use standard Windows list control, but a custom one. While WinSCP does use the standard Windows list control. So Total Commander is not relevant to the problem.

And it's quite likely that Microsoft didn't break the list control completely. They would have noticed for sure, if they did. They broke some specific set up that affects limited set of applications only.

Please report it to Microsoft.

Wht? Others programs double commander total commander works without problem

@Nubzior: Would you please report this to Microsoft?

I can confirm there is problem with cursor position on what you click on the list tree.
Windows 11 21H2 22000.71

Re: Selecting items windows 11

I do not think it's a good idea to try to workaround some glitch in pre-release version of Windows.
So would you please report this to Microsoft instead?

Selecting items windows 11

I have had the same behaviour - its like the old trolling cursor that would click one item above where it should etc and become enough of a pain to notice and enough of a pain to comment....

Re: Windows 11 - Files in files list not right selected

I was not able to identify any problems with selecting files on Windows 11.

Re: Windows 11 - Files in files list not right selected

Can you please elaborate on "wrongly" and "causing problems"?

Windows 11 - Files in files list not right selected

Files are selected wrongly, causing problems with dragging, seems to only occur on Windows 11