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Hi Martin,

Thanks for your reply, I got an idea what is the cause of the problem. I forgot to update the executable in my resource location which caused the old version of WinSCP being created during runtime. Problem was fixed after I update the executable file with the latest version.

Thanks and Best Regards,

Re: Unable to get fingerprint starting v5.19.0

I'm quite sure that there was no change in 5.19.1 that could have caused this.
Are you sure you were using 5.19 before? Actually what version of WinSCP (not the assembly) are you and were you using? The DisableVersionCheck suggests that you actually do not use the same version of WinSCP and WinSCP .NET assembly, what is wrong.

Unable to get fingerprint starting v5.19.0


I'm not able to get the fingerprint and have this error below when I upgraded to v5.19.0 and v5.19.1.
Fingerprint for algorithm SHA-256 not supported

Below is my code:
string fingerprint = null;
// Host is not known yet. Scan its host key and let the user decide.
using (Session session = new Session())
    //Disable Version Check
    session.DisableVersionCheck = true;
    // Use the temporarily extracted executable
    session.ExecutablePath = executablePath;
    fingerprint = session.ScanFingerprint(sessionOptions, "SHA-256");
// Now we have the fingerprint
sessionOptions.SshHostKeyFingerprint = fingerprint;

Is this a bug or is there a new method that I should use?

Thanks and Best Regards,