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Re: Error when run my winscp .net application exe in window scheduler

Please post session log files instead of the debug logs.

Error when run my winscp .net application exe in window scheduler

Dear Sir,

I have two .net applicaiton with winscp for SFTP upload and download files and started to run in my company server window scheduler from April.

1)the download one will be executed daily 0300.
2)the upload one will be executed daily 2200.
3)in this period. download one never have error.
4)and the upload one, around 5 times per month and the error message in my code are:
-Network error: Software caused connection abort
-Remote side unexpectedly closed network connection
-Timeout waiting for WinSCP to respond
5)it is no any problem when
-i run both exe locally
-i run the GUI winscp locally
-i run the GUI winscp in that server
-the scheduler execute user id also can run the both my exe and GUI winscp normally.
-the problem seems only from window schedular

6)from last week, the error happened frequently and also for the download exe too.
7)i tried to increase session.timeout and sessionoption. timeout but seems not ok.
8)also updated to the latest version but no work.
9)and i yesterday checked the event log in window scheduler, the error is 10016 distributedCOM.

Please help, many thanks.