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It would be an ideal option if it worked for FTP too, and the path could be scripted.

I am using FTP(S)

Hi, I also need this feature really badly. I literally cannot find a piece of software that meet my needs (and isn't broken), and WinSCP seems to be the best I could find so far, short for this one feature.

I need it because I run my own FTP server, that I want to use for automated backup of files from my workstation. And I would like the previous file versions to be preserved on the server (in case a malware encrypts my files without renaming them, and they get backed up before I notice).

The best way of implementation for me would be to add an option to specify the remote directory to which the overwritten files should be backed up. I would then specify a directory with a date in the name by a script, and the backups would be nicely sorted by the dates.

I would happily pay for (donate to) the project if it had such feature :)


Re: auto-backup before overwrite

It would be lovely if that was definable... a full path or something. And, if you could timestamp them with an epoch or something sortable, such as:



Thanks Martin

Re: auto-backup before overwrite

OK, I consider that. I may not be that difficult to implement. I suppose you want to move remote file-to-be-overwritten to some fixed remote directory?

Auto-backup before overwrite

I would like to have the option of saving a backup of a file before over-writing. Sometimes either I or one of the people I work with end up editing the same file near the same time and over-ride each other's work. CVS is overkill, but it would be nice to have a client automatically copy the soon-to-be overwritten file to another, specified, backup directory. I first thought this would be a good feature for server software, but then I realized I log into about a dozen sites and it would be better if my client software could perform this function.

Since it's possible to copy and paste and move remote directories, would it be possible to add this feature?

Sorry for the verbose post.

Just so you know, I did drop a bit in the Kagi donate bucket so I didn't feel too bad asking for this feature. ;-)

email@hanszandzerson.czom (remove the z's to email)