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Thank you very much, I added the argument and it worked.

Re: Generated Session URL/Code doesnt work for Tunnels Connections

Yes, indeed WinSCP does not add hostkey of the tunnel session to the code.
Please add TunnelHostKey raw settings with value ssh-ed25519 256 ....

Generated Session URL/Code doesnt work for Tunnels Connections

I have a tunneled connection, using one host to jump to another. I configured it and it works properly in the GUI. The problem is when I try to execute the code that is Generated in a script. I get the error below.
batch abort
confirm off
Opening tunnel...
Searching for host...
Connecting to host...
Expected host key was not configured, use -hostkey switch.
Host key fingerprint is ssh-ed25519 256 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx=.
Authentication failed.