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The fact that it isn't a feature already suggests it hasn't been, and won't likely emerge as a 'popular' request. Alas...I guess I'll just need to remember to turn of WinSCP each time once its finished.

Re: generally, yes...

OK, I will see, if more people ask for this.

generally, yes...

Most of the time, lengthy transfers (300 Mb -> 1.75 Gb files), but occasionally short transfers. In either case, I simply have no need to keep a session (or WinSCP) open once *any* transfer is complete (or, I supoose, once the transfer queue is finished). So, an 'option switch' that would allow a user to set a preference to 'shut down WinSCP once transfer queue is empty'. There seem to be a number of other options that WinSCP triggers once the queue is empty (for example, WInSCP can make an audible signal when the transfer queue is empty) -- hopefully it wouldn't be difficulty to add one one more option (i.e., shutting down WinSCP).

Re: thanks! But...

Do you mean that you only ever you WinSCP for lengthy transfers, so you always want WinSCP to close after every transfer?

thanks! But...

Thanks for posting the link. That solves the 'problem' for a given session. But, you need to manually 'flip the switch' during the session to have the application shut down after session closed. Is there any way to make this behaviour permanent, for all sessions? I don't want to have to remember to flip various options each session to have WinSCP shut itself off each time.

Have WinSCP shut itself (application) down after transfer complete?

Haven't used WinSCP for some time, but am considering moving back to it. Been testing it out today (latest release, Windows 10 Pro) -- works fine, but I can't seem to figure out if there is a way to have WinSCP turn itself off (i.e., shutdown the application, but not the computer) after the file transfer is complete.

Basically, I want this to be 'permanent behaviour' for all sessions -- I start WinSCP, select a bunch of files to transfer from computer A -> computer B, and then, once the files have all successfully transferred, have WinSCP turn itself off. [I like this option since I often have to transfer very large files, which take some time, and want to be able to leave and have WinSCP shut itself down once finished]

I know how to do this in applications like FileZilla, but haven't found a way to do it in WinSCP.

Thanks in advance...