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Re: Background Transfer: FTP server disconnects for inactivity; WinSCP ends entire session.

If the foreground session is lost for whatever reason, you get a popup with an option to Reconnect. The background transfers should keep running meanwhile. If you choose to reconnect, the transfers still keep running. Only if you choose to close the connection, the background transfer are terminated too. The same way as if you close the connection any other way. Do you have a different experience?

Background Transfer: FTP server disconnects for inactivity; WinSCP ends entire session.

When transferring files using the Background Transfer method, WinSCP opens multiple connections to the server under-the-hood. One connection to continue browsing files/folders, and one or more connections for the actual file transfers.

Some FTP servers automatically disconnect a connection that does not engage in a file transfer after so many minutes. Since WinSCP's browsing connection never engages in a file transfer, this connection will inevitably get disconnected. However, WinSCP also decides (for some weird reason) to destroy the entire Session, including the file transfers in progress, disconnecting those too, needlessly.

Is there an option to prohibit WinSCP from destroying the session: ending the file transfer connections just because the browsing connection is lost? It would make more sense for the file transfers to continue, and offer a button to "Reconnect" to reinitiate remote browsing.