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Re: Map drive and cross-cloud/protocol data transfers

Thanks for your suggestion. Currently we do not plan to implement this. We will see, if more people ask for this.

Map drive and cross-cloud/protocol data transfers

Can a session be temporarily mapped as a windows drive ? This would allow the close control over the sessions established via WinSCP, while still allowing file-system operations that are permitted on block devices – like picture browsing, etc, without having to build these features into WinSCP directly.

There are a few projects that create this functionality, but they're pretty clunky right now. The tight control and error handling that WinSCP brings to the mix with the console, and session traversal (and control over bandwidth, as well as concurrent requests!) makes WinSCP a good candidate to be the backend Windows block device.

For Windows this allows leveraging, and more to have WinSCP continue to be a swiss-army-knife of protocols and data transfers.

If you extend this even further, leveraging the concept of "FXP" to transport things cross-cloud instead of always through the local instance of SCP would be a HUGE boost as tooling as many companies and people leverage public cloud providers. This allows WinSCP to enter into cross-cloud data transfers initiated by credentials the local user has with cloud providers like Azure, AWS S3, Google Cloud for the top 3 spots. Additional support for credentials on one side to auto-establish with credentials on the other with