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Marcus Pukropski

It was indeed my firewall. Sorry for not checking this first and many thanks for your help!

Kind regards

Re: Socket access issues in 5.19.3

It might be your firewall/antivirus issue. It might block the new version for whatever reason.
Please double check that. Try to turn both off temporarily.

If you want us to look further, please post logs from both versions.
Marcus Pukropski

Socket access issues in 5.19.3

Hi guys,

After upgrading to 5.19.3, I no longer can connect to any of my FTP servers. I always get the error message "Access to a socket was not allowed due to the socket's access rights. Connection failed."

It worked in the version before. I've read that it has to do with the port number that is 21. But the number is a constant I cannot change and is specified by my provider. So, what can I do to get this to work again? (beside downgrading to the previous version)

Thanks in advance,
Kind Regards