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Re: After Donating Never Received Receipt Email

I have resent you the receipt.
Though you do not need it to enable the automatic updates.
The instructions are here:
Thanks for your donation. Let me know if you have any problems.

After Donating Never Received Receipt Email

Good morning, Yesterday I made a donation to WinSCP. I received my PayPal receipt saying that I had donated $19USD. Your page said I would receive a receipt email with instructions on how to setup WinSCP for automatic updates. I never got it.

You will need to forgive me but I didn't know the GMT information for the Eastest Standard Time U.S. I am also blind and WinSCP works well with my screen reader.

I hope you can assist me with this.

Much thanks :)

If there is any way you can reply directly to my email address it would help. for some reason I do have issues navigating your forum.