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Re: I Hate Version 5.19.4

@aksarben: From your description I assume your setup is:
Environment > Window > Workspaces > Automatically save workspace on exit
Environment > Windows > Miscellaneous > Show Login dialog on startup and when the last session is closed = Off
With that setup, WinSCP restores the previous workspace on startup automatically.
But it won't connect any session.

It would connect a session only if:
– You explicitly selected the workspace or session on an initial Login dialog (assuming your have the latter option On).
– You have started WinSCP with workspace/session name on its commandline

Afaik, nothing has changed about this behavior in any recent version of WinSCP.

If you have a different experience, we will need more detailed step-by-step instructions for reproducing the problem. Some screenshots might help too.


You may also find this of interest:
Options >> Preferences ... >> Environment/Window >> Miscellaneous


Options >> Preferences ... >> Transfer/Endurance >> Automatic reconnect


Remembering the previously used directories:
Session >> Sites >> Site Manager ... >> (select a site in the left pane)
>> Edit >> Advanced ... >> Environment/Directories >> Remember last used directory

Re: I Hate Version 5.19.4

I install updates as soon as I learn off them, so I assume my previous version was 5.19.3 (?)


1. I launch the app, and enter the master password.

2. The app creates a new session, with the local folder in the left pane, and the host folder in the right pane.

3. I later disconnect the session, so the host folder into disappears, but the right pane stays open, and the app is still running.

4. I later click the X at the top right of the window, and get the usual confirmation dialog, asking, Terminate session XXX and close application?

5. I click the OK button, and app terminates gracefully, with no error message shown.

6. When I later re-launch the app (Step 1 above), it starts normally. At this point I expect it to show root folder of both the local and remote panes (my default). Instead, the right pane shows the remote folder that was displayed before I disconnected the previous session.

I don't recall this happening before the latest version upgrade. Is my memory faulty, or is this behavior new?

Re: I Hate Version 5.19.4

Can you please be more specific about the situation, in which WinSCP automatically reconnects session and previously did not? What version were you using before?

I Hate Version 5.19.4

I've never had problems with WinSCP updates until now.

I just installed version 5.19.4, and to my dismay, it automatically reconnects closed sessions when I launch the program.

I HATE applications that think they're smarter than I an, and do things I didn't request.

Even worse, I can't find a way to turn off this behavior.

How can I disable automatic reconnects?