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Re: 2 windows, same server

@bhullIT: WinSCP does not support that.

2 windows, same server

I'd like to move files on the same server and can do so with the 1 open window, but can I have 2 panes open (source and destination) without having 2 sessions?

@xtrips: You can drag the files between file file and the directory tree.

What about both sides being on the same remote server? That would help moving around files between different directories.

Remote on both sides

It would be useful to be able to have remote servers on both sides. Then you could copy from one server to another.

I have read the FAQ on this at but it misses the idea. WinSCP would act as a "middleman" in this case, loading the file from the source remote server into memory, and feeding it to the target remote server. You could even do this at the same time potentially.

Yes there are all sorts of network caveats associated with this but it's still feasible.

For comparison, the command line SCP command does support remote servers for both source and target arguments. For example:

is totally legitimate and will work. The scp process on local serves as a conduit between the two remote servers. WinSCP should be able to do the same.