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Are you able to reproduce the problem?

Yes, I closed the editor (Notepad++) after saving the last changes.
I closed it and when I looked at WinSCP it was stalled. I do not know why, but after that, there was no option for me to recover the file (Besides a backup of less than one week before that I fortunately had in Git)

Maybe the issue had something to do with the compatibility with the Notepad++ editor, I don't know.

Re: File content erased after failing to update file to remote server

I do not understand how the temporary local file could have been emptied. WinSCP does not do that. WinSCP only deletes the file, once it is not longer needed. But it never empties it. Did you close the editor window?

File content erased after failing to update file to remote server


I was doing some minor editions to a file with WinSCP Editor and then saved.
The File transfer was taking too much time, so I realised there was a problem. You can see how the queue looks in my WinSCP, in the attached file.

The main issue is that the file in the remote server seems to be totally blank now (It had quite a lot of content, and I am 100% sure the content was not deleted before saving).
I have checked the temporal folder where WinSCP saves the files and the content is erased there as well. The date of creation of this file is more recent than the date of modification, which is strange to me (see second image attached).

Does anyone have a solution for this? I will not close WinSCP until I am sure that it is impossible to retrieve the content of the file, which is a lot :(