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Re: already done :)

Please post GUI log file too.

You can also try to enable password logging and double check, if the same keys are used in the code and GUI.

already done :)

Hello Sir,

thats indeed what i did. i generated the script but i does not work unfortionaly
any other suggestions

Connect to S3 does not work. Connection failed in scripts

I am working on a automated script to connect to the S3 storage and put some files on that storage.
The GUI works fine but when i try to use a scripted version of this, it is not working.
I created a Batch file from the Generate session URL and use this for my script.
in the secret there is a /, so the code changed that to %2F.

See the error below.
I hope somebody can help me out.

Version of WinSCP is 5.19.4 build 11829
Log attached.

I also used the PowerShell version but same issue
Log attached.