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Re: Invalid access to memory & Received too large SFTP Packet

Can you reproduce the problem with the latest version of WinSCP?
The 3.7.6 is over 16 years old!

Invalid access to memory & Received too large SFTP Packet


Version 3.7.6 Build 306.
Transfer Protocol: SFTP
Interface: GUI (Commander)
Windows: Windows 10 Enterprise

Can successfully access the SFTP account but when I try to access one of the folders (Import) I receive one of these errors:
Invalid access to memory

Received too large (106919 B) SFTP packet. Max supported packet size is 102400 B.

I can successfully access other folders on the SFTP such as Export.

This issue only occurs on one of our SFTP accounts for this Import folder, all other accounts are correct.