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Re: Allow using OpenSSH agent along with Pageant for Authentication

Thanks for your detailed post.

This request is being tracked already:

Though as noted there, please consider requesting this at the PuTTY project.

Allow using OpenSSH agent along with Pageant for Authentication

Background: I recently came across a solution with KeePassXC that allowed storing SSH keys in its password database and using them without leaving them exposed on your hard drive. KeePass has added a feature where it will automatically add these to the built in Windows OpenSSH agent when your vault is unlocked and remove them when it is unlocked. The feature also works with Pageant but with OpenSSH being integrated in to the OS, it is easier to enable and works more seamlessly with WSL2 and PowerShell and within the excellent Windows Terminal application.

WinSCP is an amazing program and I wanted to be able to continue using it without having to install Pageant along with it. I found that I was not the only person looking for a solution when I came across this executable to emulate Pageant and pass in OpenSSH authentication: This simple solution worked great for WinSCP and I am able to continue using SFTP with my vaulted keys! But the goal was to not have to run an additional service which brings me to my request.

It would be great if there was an option to select either Pageant or Windows OpenSSH in WinSCP similar to KeePassXC

Thank you for your consideration.