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Re: Ignore folder structure when copying the files.

Hey Martin! I could load the extension into the WinSCP but can't figure how to run this to the actual synchronization.

Re: Ignore folder structure when copying the files.

You can write a simple PowerShell script for that.
We have an example for download:

Upload would be similar.

Actually, this code will do what you want:
If you modify it to:
1) replace $remoteFilePath with $remotePath in the $session.PutFiles call
2) remove if (!($session.FileExists($remoteFilePath))) { $session.CreateDirectory($remoteFilePath) }

It's just unnecessarily complicated for your simpler needs.
On the other hand, it's prepared to be used as a WinSCP extension, so it can be installed into WinSCP GUI.

For a simple code, see

Ignore folder structure when copying the files.


Is it possible to ignore local directory file structure when copying files?
Let's say we've got a couple of files in subdirectories as follows:


Is there a way to put those 'testa*.txt' files on FTP server without copying the folder structure. Ideally, I would like all the files to be dropped into a single folder on the FTP server, is there a way to do it?