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Re: Support for SecureID Token Authentication

I suppose that RSA SecureID authetication is implemented using keyboard-interactive feature of SSH2. Is it so? WinSCP supports this feature, see "SSH/Authentication" tab of login dialog. However I admit, I've never tried it. Does RSA SecureID work with Putty? If you don't know, please try, it would help me a lot.

As requested here is a link to the manufacturers website:

<invalid link removed>


Re: Support for SecureID Token Authentication

Can you post some link to description of RSA Secure ID? I don't know anything about it.

Support for SecureID Token Authentication

I thoroughly enjoy the tool offered at the momment however i am stubmling at the momment to get WinSCP to work with servers that require authentcation by RSA Secure ID...?

Any plugins that could help...?

Let me know or if someone nows a way around..?

(P.S. Turning of secur id is not a valid response :lol: )