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I've responded to your email.

Thank you for the update. I appreciate your attention on this.

No change.

Just as in the original log file, timestamps appear correct in lines
100 - 2725, and
2742 - 5366,
but are all shown without year on lines 5368 - 7992, and in the output to stdout, regardless of age.

Updated log file attached.

Same here ls returns no year on date

Same here, ls returns date without year.

Thanks. I'll look into this.

Log file attached

Re: ls showing dates without year, even for files older than 1 year

Please attach a full session log file showing the problem (using the latest version of WinSCP).

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ls showing dates without year, even for files older than 1 year

As previously mentioned in this old topic, the ls command is displaying file dates without the year, even for 1+ year old files, which makes it impossible to infer the correct date if the server holds any old files.

I am using the latest WinSCP, 5.19.5 (Build 11933 2021-11-25), on Windows 10. At the command prompt, I type winscp, then open the server in question, enter username & password, then type the command ls. Here's a sample of the output:
----------   0                        5305 Mar  7 11:02 XXXXXXXXXX 2020_03_07_080245.xlsx

----------   0                        5305 Mar  8 11:02 XXXXXXXXXX 2020_03_08_080254.xlsx
----------   0                        5305 Mar  9 11:02 XXXXXXXXXX 2020_03_09_080243.xlsx

In this case, the file names happen to include date information, which shows they were created in 2020, but from the listed timestamp, "Mar 7 11:02", I would normally infer that they were created in 2021 (since today is 2/8/2022).