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Reference API with NuGet

Hi there, I have this configuration: Windows, Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2022 (64-Bit) 17.1.1.

I have created a new command line project (.NET 3.5). So I go to my project in Explorer, go to References, do a right mouse click, choose NuGet Package Manager. I search for WinSCP, can find it as version 5.19.6 and install it. After this, I change to my project but there is no WinSCP reference in the reference list. Just a entry called packages.config. There is no Reference called WinSCP or similar. If I try using WinSCP – there are no entries...
Where I was going a false way??

PS: Hi again, here further my project folder I can see a package folder called WinSCP.5.19.6. In, there are folder build, lib and tools... in my output folder (bin\debug folder) I can see only the WinSCP.exe but not any dll file.

I was following

Sorry! I GOT IT. I raised the Version of my project to 4.x and it worked... Sorry.