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What settings? VScode settings? Or WinSCP settings? Did you change anything on WinSCP side at all?

I removed vscode, deleted all settings and the reinstalled and it seemed to cure the issue

Re: Weird Glitch With VSCode

See VS Code opens "VS" and "code" window every time I open a file from WinSCP.
This is a quite common issue, but I was never able to find out how did the user manage to get the wrong configuration. Did you configure the VSCode editor in WinSCP manually? Or did WinSCP detect that you have VSCode as the default text editor in Windows?

Weird Glitch With VSCode

I have VSCode as my default editor in WinSCP. Just recently when I open a file from within WinSCP with VSCode a weird glitch happens, two tabs open up in VSCode name VS and Code.exe - any suggest how to stop it as its really annoying!

Thanks in advance...