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Re: Problem with filemask/exclude

It should be:
"synchronize local D:\folder\ /folder -filemask=""*.csv; |*/history/""" ^

Or simply (without the space):
"synchronize local D:\folder\ /folder -filemask=*.csv;|*/history/" ^

Re: Problem with filemask/exclude

This was an older post. I know... i have looked through a lot of similar forum posts but I can't manage to get an exclusion working in one of my batch files. The command and the error are below. It looks like the pipeline is interpreted as a command argument or as a separate command
"synchronize local D:\folder\ /folder -filemask="*.csv; |*/history/"" ^

'*' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.


this work, sureley.
And now I recognize why I didn't see the filemask in the log file: I've a mask in front of my eyes, the log will not override instead it is an cating to the exist, I've to scroll down.

There are two spelling on german for my situation:
Tomaten auf den Augen
Kaum macht man's richtig, schon funktionierts

Thank you!


Problem with filemask/exclude


there are several threads about exclude subfolders when download a folder structure.
But I've a additional question:
I want to write an batch file for sheduled task:
@echo off
"C:\Program Files (x86)\WinSCP\" /log="C:\SCRIPT\WINSCP/backup.log" /command "open sftp://USER@HOST/ -hostkey=""ssh-ed25519 255 2EoAW+4XY0jeOEv5I6lXIqpWbPH2zR3npd/5IUOx1qY="" -privatekey=""C:\SCRIPT\WINSCP\id_rsa.ppk"" -passphrase=""PASS""" "get / D:\Backup\" "exit"
if %WINSCP_RESULT% equ 0 (
  echo Success
) else (
  echo Error

This work so far, but one subfolder is read protected and WinSCP exit.
I don't now how I ignore the error so I want to exclude the subfolder with the -filemask property adding --filemask=|*/postgresdumps/:
"C:\Program Files (x86)\WinSCP\" /log="C:\SCRIPT\WINSCP/backup.log" /command "open sftp://USER@HOST/ -hostkey=""ssh-ed25519 255 2EoAW+4XY0jeOEv5I6lXIqpWbPH2zR3npd/5IUOx1qY="" -privatekey=""C:\SCRIPT\WINSCP\id_rsa.ppk"" -passphrase=""PASS""" "get / D:\Backup\"" -filemask=|*/postgresdumps/" "exit"

When that doesn't work I wonder and I've a look in the log file.
And now the really unsuspected: In the command written down to the log the Parameter didn't appear. I tried it with several changes, but in in the log file I found nothing about filemask,...

Then I've tried it with an scp script and the same behavior, the script works, but no filemask entry.

Why I get this behavior? And is there another way to prefend the break on permission denied?