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Re: Update URL

Once again, WinSCP does not update automatically. Automatic updates are available for donors only. And they have to be explicitly enabled:
And they are not really truly automatic anyway. Donors still get a notification and they have to confirm that they want to update.
I believe this is not what we talk about here. It wouldn't make sense.

So I still assume you refer to WinSCP checking for available updates, right?

That can be disabled in preferences:

So why do you want to disable it by blocking some URL?

Do you want to disable it corporate-wide?
That's also discussed in the topic you have linked to.

If you still believe that your WinSCP updates automatically, it does not do it on its own. You must have a custom external mechanism that updates it. Maybe you have WinSCP installed by Chocolatey or similar package software manager.

So please clarify, what is your problem, instead of keeping asking about some URL. Which is btw easy to find in the WinSCP source code. Search the GitHub repository for UPDATES_URL:

Re: Update URL

The application does update on its own, there has also been a topic on this issue in the past. I want to keep the application on version 5.7.7 and it keeps updating on its own without any user intervention. This is why am trying to find out what the update URL is to block it on the server/firewall to prevent it from updating.

Related thread here.

Update URL

Hello, can someone please provide me with the update URL so I can block the application from automatically updating all the time?