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Hello Martin,

Thank you for your reply. I will try to contact the FTP admin as you suggest.


Re: Error listing directory - PASV: Address already in use

That looks like the server has too narrow passive mode port range. So it cannot handle all the directory listings needed in a short time interval to compare the local and remote directory tree. Try contacting the server administrator to broaden the port range.

Error listing directory - PASV: Address already in use

Hello everybody,
It's my first time on this forum and I'm not an English writer so I will try to be understandable.

My WinSCP: 5.19.6
I'm using the WinSCP GUI on Windows 11.

I want to synchronise one directory local (my computer) with a remote one. Only one way: Remote to Local
The data contained in the remote directory are huge because it's opendata.

The server connection is OK.
I am able to list and browse remote directories.

I use command/synchronisation menu and I have a trouble!
Every 30 secondes a popup shows an error message. The message is:
Error listing directory
PASV: Address already in use
The window show several buttons Stop, Retry, etc

I click on retry and it starts again until the next same mistake

Do anyone have the same trouble?
How can I do to have the synchronisation without that error?

I attach some screenshots.

Thanks for your help