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Many thanks, Martin!

At least for the medium term we are stuck with 5.9.1 as upgrading this application will involve testing against about 150 hosts.

Your suggestion to look for supported algorithms in the source code is very helpful. I think I'll be able to find what I need there.

Thanks again!

Re: SSH algorithms supported in 5.9.1 using winscp.exe /info

Sorry, we do not support old versions of WinSCP. You should upgrade. WinSCP 5.9.1 is almost 6 years old. And it indeed does not support the /info switch.

If you are stuck with 5.9.1, you can download its source code and check what algos does it support.

Look for ssh2_cipher, ssh_kex and ssh_mac definitions like following in the putty subfolder:
static const struct ssh2_cipher ssh_aes256 = {
    aes_make_context, aes_free_context, aes_iv, aes256_key,
    aes_ssh2_encrypt_blk, aes_ssh2_decrypt_blk, NULL, NULL,
    16, 256, 32, SSH_CIPHER_IS_CBC, "AES-256 CBC",

SSH algorithms supported in 5.9.1 using winscp.exe /info

I support a legacy application that uses WinSCP 5.9.1 and have been asked by one of our SFTP counterparties which SSH Key Exchange Algorithms, Ciphers, and MACs we support.

According to the documentation page, I should be able to determine these by running winscp.exe with the /info command line switch.

However, running
winscp.exe /info
from a Windows cmd prompt starts up a WinSCP window, it does not print the algorithm info to the cmd console.

Can anyone please help me determine the SSH Key Exchange Algorithms, Ciphers, and MACs that version 5.9.1 supports?