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Re: WinSCP queue handling

Thank you for explaining that, at least I understand how the WinSCP queue works!

Re: WinSCP queue handling

In WinSCP (contrary to FileZilla), an entry in the queue is not an individual file, but a whole transfer operation. So it behaves like you describe. WinSCP cannot be configured to do, what you ask for. Except by limiting the number of parallel transfers to 1.

WinSCP queue handling

Hi all, I'm getting crazy to understand how WinSCP queue works.
What I would like to do, is setup 9 concurrent transfers (UPLOAD) in the WinSCP queue, that's ok and it's working. So I add, e.g. 100 files to upload, and WinSCP upload them with 9 concurrent transfers.
The problem is when I add other e.g. 50 files to the queue, WinSCP start to upload them even if the previous queue is still in upload. I tried to disable the following setting: "Enable queue process by default", but in that case, WinSCP upload the first 100 files, and then stop waiting for manual interaction.

What I'm trying to achieve is that WinSCP respect the queue, so finish the first 100 files and then start with the secondo 50, and so on, while I add several files on the queue, like FileZilla client already do.

Any clue?
Thank you.