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Re: Open and edit are greyed out

The Edit/Open commands should be disabled only, if you have explicitly configured WinSCP to disable them:
At least in the latest version of WinSCP. 5.13.7 is rather old. But I do not think this was any different back then.

I do not understand the part about "doubleclicking" and "touching".

Open and edit are greyed out

I have a question on behalf of my users (I am no user but the IT support guy).
The Open and Edit option for both local and remote are greyed out. Double clicking would open the file, but that's not what my users want, since the file is than touched.

This occurs in 5.13.7. I also downloaded the latest version, with the same behavior (5.19.6). I tried to run WinSCP with elevated rights --> same issue
My users report that Open/Edit were available before.
I need some pointers on where to look to get this working again.

Kind regards,

Florian de Heus