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Re: Another "Open in PuTTY" improvement idea

Thanks for your suggestion.
We will see, if more people ask for this.

I'm afraid it's not that easy to add custom command to that context menu.

Another "Open in PuTTY" improvement idea


I've got another idea to improve your product.

In recent releases of Windows, there is that feature that we call "jump lists", which is a kind of contextual menu triggered by right-clicking an application button from the taskbar. Jump lists allow to quickly open items the user has used recently, as well as allowing it to pin them to have them permanently sitting there. Jump list items can have their own contextual menu to trigger an action.

So far, there's an "Open" action in this contextual menu that opens WinSCP with that item's related connection. It would be great to have an "Open in PuTTY" entry in this contextual menu, so an user could open a PuTTY session matching the item's related connection directly from the taskbar.

Personally, I would use such a feature a lot. Half of the time, I use WinSCP as a SSH session launcher over a rather small set of environments that are pinned to its jump list. At this moment, I need to click the pinned item, which opens the connection in WinSCP, and then fire the button that opens the PuTTY session. Having access to the SSH launcher directly from the jump list item's contextual menu would be a time-saver.

Thanks for you consideration,