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Re: Ransomware Alert from McAfee Endpoint Security

Thanks for your investigation. Can you please report this false positive to McAfee?

I found that the file detected by the Antivirus is the \Translations\
I was not installing the translations when using the Traditional .exe installer, but the Microsoft Store version installs all the components.

Ransomware Alert from McAfee Endpoint Security

After purchasing the application from the Microsoft Store, I was not able to download/install the application. Microsoft Store gave me an error 0x80070005.
After investigating for some days, I found that my McAfee Endpoint Security (Corporate Antivirus) is blocking the install with reason: [Ransomware] *.ru
I can install the traditional .exe installer without warnings but I wanted to collaborate with the developers and use the auto upgrade feature of the Microsoft Store version.
Is there any component in the Windows Store version different from the traditional install that could explain why is my antivirus deciding that the install file contains some Russian Ransomware?
Does the Microsoft Store try to download the file from Russian Servers or domains?
Is there some way to download an older version from the Microsoft Store to test if this alert is only for the currect version?