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Re: Bat automation missing files

If the log says that the file was uploaded correctly, then it's unlikely a WinSCP issue.
Post the log, if you want us to investigate further.

Bat automation missing files


I am currently using WinSCP to move documents from one server to another via a Windows task. I have been running into issues where a large amount of files are getting lost when moving files with a put -delete in a bat file. It seems to mainly happen when a large amount of files are getting moved but I have seen lost files happen sporadically. The logs always say that the transfer was successful but the other server never sees the files. Let me know if more information is needed and I would be happy to provide what I can.

WinSCP Ver: 5.19.2
Windows Ver: Windows Server 2012 R2 Version 6.3 (Build 9600)
Transfer Protocol: SFTP