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@Guest: Are you really having the problem even with the latest version of WinSCP? Can you post a log file?

This is a known issue across all versions of WinSCP, and the only way to resolve is to reboot the server.

Thanks for your feedback.

I upgraded to 5.21 and let it run for about a week and have had no issues.

Thanks Martin!

I did upgrade to 5.19.6. My old version was 5.7 I believe.

I'll give the new stable version a shot here...thanks.

WinSCP process terminated with exit code 3

We've been using WinSCP through a .NET connector in Dynamics NAV BC for a few years now for automated processes but a few weeks ago I started receiving this error below. I found some older messages on this in the Bug 996 tracker thread and tried upgrading to the latest version but it did not help. Restarting our server corrects it for a few days but it always seems to return.

I've attached the debug log.

Error Message:
Exception: WinSCP.SessionLocalException: WinSCP process terminated with exit code 3. There was no output. Response log file C:\Users\{username}\AppData\Local\Temp\wscp235C.01A8D5D7.tmp was not created. This could indicate lack of write permissions to the log folder or problems starting WinSCP itself.
at WinSCP.Session.Open(SessionOptions sessionOptions)