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Thanks for your feedback.


Confirming that dev build 12628 of 5.21.1 does appear to fix the wrapping issue with different scaling resolutions on different displays.


(I was writing my previous reply at the same time you posted.) Yes, Bug 2090 sounds like the exact same issue, although perhaps manifested in a slightly different area. I will give the development version a try; seems like it should apply.



Yes, the behavior appears to be linked to the Windows Display scaling setting (Windows Settings > System > Display > "Change the size of text, apps, and other items").

In my case, the "recommended" (by Windows) settings for my current display setup is 100% scaling on my external monitor and 125% scaling on my laptop. With this configuration, the unexpected wrapping occurs on the laptop display (the one with 125% scaling), but not on the external monitor (with 100% scaling). (Or if the WinSCP window is straddling the two displays, it depends on which screen displays the popup.)

If I change things around, I get different behavior, but perhaps it depends on whether the scaling is changed while WinSCP is open vs. closed, which display the WinSCP window is on when changes are made, etc. I have not done extensive experimentation yet, but I can envision that dealing with different DPI settings for multiple displays is a challenge!

Re: Label wrapping in WinSCP Extensions

Thanks for your report. I'll look at this.

Btw, didn't you enable text zooming in Windows recently? That might have triggered the problem.

Label wrapping in WinSCP Extensions

Recently I have noticed that the labels on my WinSCP extension files are being wrapped to a 2nd line in an unexpected manner.

Example extension just displaying labels in the dialog box:
@name         Title:: 

#Title needs 2 colons to have 1 on toolbar (both show on File Custom Commands context menu).
@description  Custom Extension Description
@command      echo !
#Don't really need or want a command, but had to put something
@side         Remote
@option       - -run label "One-word-label.
@option       - -run label "Two-word label."
@option       - -run label "This is a six word label."
@option       - -run label "When a label has more then one word it is being wrapped to a new line, even when a new line is not required."
@option       - -run label "For shorter lines, it's always just the last word that is wrapped."

See result in attached image.

This happens with 5.21.1.
It also happens in the and versions that I was using.
This is on Windows 10 Pro 21H2 build 19044.1706. It seems that I was not getting this behavior in the past with the same 5.20 versions, so I'm wondering if a Windows update changed GUI behavior.

I managed to "fix" it by using non-breaking spaces and changing from ANSI encoding to UTF-8, but thought I'd pass along the unexpected behavior in case anyone else experiences the same issue.